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Galactico gift card pricelist


 Money transfer to the gift card  Free of charge
 Purchase fee with the gift card  Free of charge
 Gift card's balance checking on the Internet  Free of charge
 History of gift card's transactions  Free of charge
 To prolong gift card's expiry date  Free of charge
(within one year after card expiry date)

 To pool gift cards' electronic money:

- on silver card (nominal 7.00 - 49.99 EUR)

- on gold card (nominal 50.00 - 150.00 EUR)


7.00 EUR

14.00 EUR

 To replace damaged gift card 7.00 EUR
 Reviewing unjustified complaint 7.00 EUR
 Cash withdrawal from the gift card*  20% from remaining amount,
not less than 14.00 EUR
 Cancel or change of order by legal person  3.00 EUR per card
 Record keeping for the gift card with expired date  2.85 EUR per month
Gift card's balance enquiries via SMS 0.36 EUR per SMS
Gift card packaging price determined by the Issuer

* for more detailed information visit to the 11-th chapter of the Galactico Gift Card provisions



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