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Galactico gift card rules

    Your Galactico gift card is a fast, convenient and safe way to make purchases that can be used in any Galactico shopping centre: Alfa, Origo, Galerija Centrs, Mols and Dole.

  1. Galactico gift card's value and expiry date are shown on the gift card.
  2. Galactico gift card is automatically closed after card is used up or it has expired.
  3. Minimum purchase sum is not set.
  4. Card can be used together with other payment means - your credit, debit card or cash.
  5. If lost a Galactico gift card cannot be blocked or renewed and the remaining balance is not refunded.
  6. In case of a damaged card, please turn to Galactico shopping centres Information booths.
  7. Balance of the gift card, usage conditions* as well as other essential information can be found in,,,, or by presenting the card at Information booths of shopping centres.
  8. Client undertakes to keep away Galactico gift card from high temperature influence as well as from rapid temperature fluctuations, not to keep it next to magnetic/electromagnetic fields (for instance, radio, mobile phone, computer and other objects), as well as to save Galactico gift card from all kinds of mechanical damages. In case of neglecting the above mentioned terms it may cause demagnetization or damage of magnetic stripe which will stop further possibility to use the card.
  9. After 1 January 2014, balance on valid Galactico gift cards will be automatically converted from lats to euro based on the official exchange rate set forth by the Bank of Latvia EUR 1 = LVL  0.702804.

Phone number: 67018168 on business days from 10:00 till 17:00, e-mail:

* By acquiring a Galactico gift card you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to Galactico gift card usage conditions.

Official Galactico Electronic Gift Card Usage Conditions (*.pdf)

The Ombudsman of Association of Latvian Commercial Banks



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