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The «Alfa» retail park was opened in June 2001 as the first shopping centre of its kind in Riga. Over the subsequent years, «Alfa» has undergone significant changes. As a shopping centre with the widest assortment of products and the largest grocery hypermarket in Riga, «Alfa» offers extensive shopping opportunities with the widest choice in all categories of goods and most attractive prices in town. Easy access to the shopping centre and convenient shopping — these are the keys to «Alfa’s» success. 
contacts-origo.png «Origo» is a contemporary shopping center in the heart of Riga, right next to the central transport hub of the Latvian capital city. The mall is linked to the central railway station, and it has significant in the everyday lives of pedestrians. «Origo» is an excellent example of multifunctional development, bringing together shopping, dining, services and ways of spending together one’s free time. Thanks to its location, «Origo» has become a beloved stopping point for many of Riga’s residents and guests. «Origo» has close to 50 million visitors each year. 


«Galerija Centrs» is of great historical importance in Riga. It has been an active site of retail since 1938. After major reconstruction, «Galerija Centrs» was reopened in 2006 as an elegant and state-of-the-art gallery of fashion products in the capital city. Since then, it has become an elegant and contemporary capital city fashion commodities gallery, bringing together decades of experience with the very latest trends. «Galerija Centrs» is the first in Baltic shopping gallery under the glass roof covering city street. «Galerija Centrs» is aiming at the highest level of shopping centers in the city, targeting contemporary city dwellers that are open for new ideas and are willing to be informed on novelties in the world of culture and fashion.
contacts-mols.png Shopping center «Mols» that has been opened back in 1998 and enlarged in 2002, today is drivers-orientated shopping center in the main car-based shopping area — Krasta Street. «Mols» is a shopping center with strong traditions and the highest visiting expedience. It is well known brands, environment and things and it stands for efficient shopping with pleasure. Success combination of «Mols» is an unobtrusive fashion, pleasant atmosphere and experienced and mature customer.

When the «Dole» was opened in 1997, it was the first shopping center in Latvia that conformed to the Western standards. Today «Dole» is a regional shopping center that is focusing mostly on the customers from its immediate surroundings, offering them everyday goods and services, convenient shopping, and a cozy environment. The center has been improved with modern infrastructure and new retail opportunities.





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